Saturday, 18 April 2009

Messing about in boats

I just love the colours in this photo. The kayaks look so inviting, like they're just waiting for someone to jump in and set off on an adventure. It's not often everyone is out of their boat at the same time and they are all lined up like this and I knew it wouldn't last long so I had to grab a quick shot while I could. It's not the perfect angle but I didn't have time to jump onto the rocks and get to the middle of the river so that I could get them from head on. But never mind, I got the colours and that was what I wanted most.

Does it make you wonder......

Whose boat is it?
Why are they sitting there?
Is that the edge of a waterfall they are on?
What is over the drop?
Where are the kayakers?


Kevin said...

Hi Jazzy,

That's a great shot, very graphic and colourful. We have a kayaking competition this weekend, makes me want to head out there and try my skills at shooting sports.

Thanks for posting.

Helen said...

You should put that on flickr!