Monday, 6 April 2009

Easter crafts & traditions

I just love this little fella, don't you. DD2 made it in school for Easter and it is sitting in pride of place on top of the piano.

I have seen a few lovely Easter wreaths on various sites this week and it made me wonder what other Easter traditions people have. We don't do much at home craftwise (though I am definitely going to make a wreath next year) but on Easter morning we have a hunt for the eggs the Easter Bunny has left before going to church. For the last few years we have had a trip out with friends on Easter Monday or Tuesday to places like The Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, Carnfunnock Country Park and Marble Arch Caves. Then we go back to someone's house for dinner and a relaxing evening. What are your Easter traditions?

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Ayak said...

Of course Easter isn't celebrated here so after all this time I've almost forgotten all the old traditions...but as I will be in the UK on Saturday I guess I will have to make a dash for the shops and buy some Easter eggs!

Sounds like you have had some lovely Easters...enjoy this one!