Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The Herbs

Does anyone else remember that 70s kids show called The Herbs? Perhaps I just imagined it - too much time spent talking to my herbs today LOL. Well anyway I decided that instead of always buying fresh herbs I should grow my own so I got a great planter in Ikea (don't you just LOVE that place!) and I bought some herb plants and I got stuck in and planted them.

Can you tell which herbs they are?

I am going to get another planter (really just an excuse to go back to Ikea) and plant some more.

Only problem is that I usually kill plants so keep your fingers crossed for me that the herbs don't all die of neglect.

Monday, 30 March 2009

Oasis in the City

I was at Oasis in the City in Lisburn Cathedral on Saturday. Check out my digiscrapping blog to see what it was all about http://karensdigiscrappingjourney.blogspot.com/. There were quite a few local crafts people there selling their handmade products and I bought this gorgeous wall hanging for my kitchen as it matches the colours perfectly.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Black and White portraits

Here are a couple of black & white portraits I love. I really want to learn more about how to use curves etc in PSE. These were just done by choosing 'Convert to black & white'.

Cool actions

I said I would look for free actions for PSE on the web and here is one that I think is soooo cool. Take any photo and turn it into a Rubik's Cube. Oh it takes me back to my youth!

It is from PanosFX. Try it you will be hooked.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

The Lock Keeper's Cottage

I really, really like this photo and am thinking of having it made into note cards. It is of the window of the Lock Keeper's Cottage on the towpath along the River Lagan. The cottage has been recently restored and one of my friends has been very involved in the restoration project. There is now a lovely cafe beside it too where you can enjoy a leisurely coffee or lunch and even listen to some jazz on the weekends.

Black and White

I took this picture of a busker in Belfast city centre when I met up with one of the other people on one of CJ's workshops. We had a fun afternoon trying to take loads of photos without being too conspicuous.

I converted it to B&W in PSE. What do you think?

And there's more...

Fave shots

These are some of my favourite shots from the workshops I have done. They may not be technically the best photos I have taken but I have learnt that the technically perfect ones aren't always the ones I like best.

So what's it all about?

I created this blog to record my learning curve in photography. I have done a few of the fantastic workshops with CJ at Feel Good Photos and I learnt loads. I can't wait for the next workshop so that I can improve some more. I plan on putting some of the photos I like up here and would love to get some constructive feedback on them. I will also try to find some cool free actions and other stuff for PSE (Photoshop Elements) on the web and list it here too.

Right I must go and find some photos from the workshops to upload, see ya later.