Wednesday, 14 October 2009


Bet you thought this post was going to be about something paranormal with a title like that! Sorry to disappoint but it is actually about signs of the wordy variety. When I got my new kitchen extension two years ago I bought a sign that said BAKE because, as anyone who knows me will agree, I am heavily into baking. Next came the EAT sign, then along came COOK to complete the kitchen set. Then I found a sign that said LIFE IS GOOD which was very apt as it fitted in with the Project 365 digital scrapbooking I have been doing at Weeds & Wildflowers, where one of the kits is called 'Life is Good'. Next came WELCOME, then LOVE in white, then WASH, then LOVE in red, and finally the latest in my collection is HOME SWEET HOME.
Do you think I am a bit of a compulsive buyer of signs?
Here is the latest one.....

And here are some of the others.......

Do you have signs like these in the house? What are your favourite things to decorate a room with?

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Getting in the mood for Halloween

Anyone who knows me knows I love any excuse for fancy dress, heck I even had a Wild West 40th. So with Halloween coming up I am starting to think about costumes, I am leaning towards Pirate Queen but who knows what I will end up as! Anyways I thought I would just remind myself of last years costume and here it is..... This is me and my OH at my friend Heather's party (which she will hopefully have this year too - hint, hint!) The fab kit is All Hallows Eve from Weeds & Wildflowers. Just in case you were wondering, OH is wearing a mask (he's not really that old and wrinkly), unfortunately I am not wearing a mask, that is me (but I do have alot of make-up on)!

This year Halloween will be a bit sad for me as my youngest DDs school closed in June and I was very involved in the PTA there and we always had a Fancy Dress disco for the kids at Halloween. Many an hour I have spent doing face painting or serving on the tuck shop, printing out certificates for best costume or best dancer, helping sort out DJ music or clearing up the sweetie wrappers after it is all over.

Do you dress up at Halloween? Do you have a party?

Leave a comment and let me know what traditions you have at this time of year.